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Don't Die on the Mountain

by Dan H. Allen

photo by Tim Allen

About the Author

The author hiked to the top of Mt. Monadnock when he was two, and he backpacked with his parents to a shelter in the White Mountains of New Hampshire when he was six. At age sixty-eight, he completed a ten year project, hiking the 2160 mile Appalachian Trail during calendar winters. For seventeen years he was an instructor in the Appalachian Mountain Club's Mountain Leadership School. He has done some ice and rock climbing. His wife and he maintain several trails including 3.1 miles of the A.T. on the south side of Mt. Cube.

The author hopes that the chapter on decision-making will influence many beginners, and help them be both rational and careful about what they undertake. And, the author is the first to admit that he wishes that he had understood years ago what is involved in responsible, cautious decision-making. He has survived through good luck and the help of many people. He wants you to become one of those talented hikers who is able to help others survive.

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January 2009