Don't Die On the Mountain

By Dan H. Allen

A book about mountain saftey: good judgement, decision-making, and leadership in the outdoors -- backpacking, hiking, mountain climbing.

Don't Die on the Mountain Book Cover

2nd Edition

This book was written for beginners and others who want to know what makes the difference between safety and disaster in the mountains. Chapter 1 contains the key to staying alive. It should help you understand how decisions are made and that your decisions are so important. Chapter 2 contains a discussion of leadership. Also in this chapter you will find a list of the responsibilities of the follower. Chapter 3 deals with the practical aspects of leading a hike, even if you are alone. The remainder of the book provides enumeration of the hazards found in the mountains along with remedies and helpful suggestions. This is information needed by all hikers.

Paperback; a total of 224 pages with eight pages of color photos.

Published by Diapensia Press, New London, New Hampshire


This book is dedicated to the next generation of hikers, and particularly to: Dan, Diana, Cyndi, Justin, Kristoff, John, Keegan, Jeremy, Konrad, Jay, Laura and Bennett.

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